Real Art Estate, RAE



RAE (REAL ART ESTATE) is a members club. A group of artists, patrons, representants of public institutions and companies acknowledging the problematic of gentrification and knowledge transmission. We work together in redefining associations where artists could benefit from the value they contribute to create. Exchange Art for Land.

RAE (REAL ART ESTATE) ist ein Privatclub, der sich gegen die Gentrifizierung und für Wissenstransfer einsetzt. RAE ist ein Experimentierfeld der künstlerischen Theorie und Praxis. Unsere Mitglieder sind ein Teil einer interdisziplinären und generationsübergreifenden Welt, in der Künstler ihre Arbeit erforschen und art lovers ihr Wissen miteinbringen können. Wir denken, dass durch künstlerisches Handeln Altes wie Neues reflektiert werden und neue Strukturen künstlerischen wie gesellschaftlichen Lebens vorgeschlagen werden koennen.

RAE Farm

The RAE farm is an experimental interdisciplinary Art Land project that questions gentrification and the fragmentation of knowledge. All our members contributes by bringing their knowledge, expertise and artisitc vision to the transformation of the RAE Farm.

RAE Distillery


RAE Performances Alin & Sendlinger

The Real Art Estate Performances are a series of live musical performances that addresses the problematic of gentrification and the fragmentation of knowledge.






Li Alin - Co-founder and co-director

Li Alin is a communications manager and a producer. She is also a multidisciplinary artist. She worked with, among others: Société of Art and Technologies (Montréal), Recombinant Media Labs, (San Francisco), Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques (Mons), European Media Arts Festival (Osnabrück), Canon Art Lab (Tokyo), Musée Ludwig (Cologne), Inter Society for Electronic Arts (Paris), Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montréal), ZKM, Center for Arts and New Medias (Karlsruhe), and the Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris).



Marcus Sendlinger - Co-founder and co-director

Marcus Sendlinger is known as a painter, musician and curator of wandering exhibitions such as "Wheeling" or "Alptraum". His art works are in private and public collections and were shown e.g. at the Columbus Art Foundation Kunsthalle Ravensburg, TAM Museum Torrance USA, CCA Andratx Collection Mallorca, Spain, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany, NKV Wiesbadener Kunstverein, Germany, UGM Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia and many more. With his band The B-Men he was invited to perform for example at the Folkwang Museum, Essen, The dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel, blank projects Cape Town and many more. Since 2012 he is a board member of the Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V., headquarter Berlin and till 2014 he was a board member of the igbk, Berlin. Since 2015 he colloborates with the Canadian performance artist Li Alin in Painting, Sculpture and performances.