Artist-in-residence (1)

25,00 Excluding TAX

RAE Membership Artist-in-residence 2017 (1 night):

  • 1 night accommodation
  • Access to an atelier to work on your project
  • Possibility of a final presentation of your work at RAE Space for Contemporary Art
  • Possibility of 1 group show (listed on ArtFact)
  • You will be listed on RAE website as an artist in residency with a link to your website
  • An exchange of knowledge. Every member teaches what they know: farming, music, mechanics, drawing, boxing, gardening, painting, performance, virtual reality, astronomy etc.
  • Access to the public events and openings at RAE Farm (exhibition, festivals, performances, conferences & concerts and other special events)
  • Possibility to reserve the Performance Hall for pre-shows and performance residencies
  • Possibility to propose an Exhibition for group or solo show or an event
  • Activities in the area: horseback riding, bathing, sightseeing, cycling trail.


  • Every day of your residencies, one hour is given to RAE farm. You can teach us something, transform the land, the building, gardening, caring for the animals. Anything you want that helps to grow the RAE community.
  • RAE farm is self-service. You are responsible, for your food, your drink and for the cleaning of your dishes and your room. Provide yourself with your own material for working. There are no shop in the area for art material.
  • If you wouldn’t fulfill the terms & conditions, we reserve ourselves the rights to terminate your residency



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