Terms and conditions of RAE FARM

I hereby agree to following terms of RAE FARM:

I agree that membership and art residencies have to be accepted by the RAE FARM jury and my application might be denied.

I agree that entering the private property of RAE FARM, Dorfstrasse 35, 16833 Lentzke/ Fehrbellin happens on my own risk to injury or else.

I agree that the RAE FARM team and owners of the property are not responsible for me, my life and anything connected to my stay on the property.

I agree to be responsible for any harm I do to others on the property.

I agree to be responsible for all damages I cause at RAE FARM.

In case of bringing children to RAE farm I agree to be fully responsible for everything which happens to them or what happens to others by them and this includes also all children under ages of 7 years of age. I agree that bringing children to the property has to be agreed by the RAE FARM team.

In case I bring guests I agree to be responsible for them, their lives and damages.

The team of RAE FARM can exclude members immediately if they violate against the RAE FARM terms. Paid fees then will not be reimbursed.

I agree to follow instructions or regulations of the RAE FARM team while being on the property.

I agree that there are no reimbursements of payments due to the fact that these are contributions to operate, renovate and create the art project of RAE,

I agree that I understood all terms in English language, whatever my language is.